Peoples Public Trust…(our remedy…)

The problems of making our various views and wishes actually stick (in courts etc) has been one that I have not fully understood, now it seems that the reasons are basically jurisdictional…I have seen this at various court cases over the last 12 months or so…

What can be done to change the leverage we are trying to assert has been a topic given much thought by many people and it seems that the  thinking is coalescing into the arena of TRUSTS, it was only the other day that I was involved in a conversation which was attempting to find its expression in the TRUST venue as a form of recourse to the tactics being used against ‘us’ (the people) at every turn.

Imagine my surprise to see that this subject has also been discussed elsewhere and a reasonably cogent system raised up to institute it as a fact…

Well done I say to the originator/s of the PEOPLES PUBLIC TRUST, having only recently thrashed over this subject I can say that the PPT is comprehensively envisaged and even dotted the i’s and t’s which were left after that recent conversation I was engaged in. It is time  (we all know it) that we took a meaningful stand against the excesses of TPTB before we no longer have the ability.

I urge all my readers to spread the word of this initiative as far and as widely as you can, listen to the talk which can be found on the Lawful Rebellion site

Then get involved in whatever way that you can, each and every one of us can and should make a difference, now is probably our last chance to work together for a better and more ‘just’ society. The bonus here is there is no need to ‘leave’ this society to join in on this, you do not need to burn your bridges or scuttle your boats…you just need to stand up and make your voice heard.

I was going to join the Citizens Advice Bureau, if/when I qualified next year, but knew that what could be done from there (as it is government funded) was going to be very limited, I now see where there is a better place to use my energies, I hope you will feel the same way and join in with the fight that we cannot afford to ignore.


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