The Frankenstein Paradigm

I have been thinking about the use of the word SHEEPLE to designate the ‘unwoken’ regulating humanity to the ‘herd’ instinct paradigm…
Now whilst I will agree that it is a reasonably close analogy it has always left me feeling that it is both a trifle insulting (sheep had no say in this and might well have objected if they did) and a little too narrow in its possible terms of focus…ie you are EITHER asleep and a sheep or awake and not a sheep….hmmmm….and while I was thinking about something else entirely an idea came to me.

These are ‘humans’ we are describing and any analogy, I feel,  is better kept within available descriptive paradigms which are of the ‘human’ condition…

I would like to forward the idea that a good analogy would be framed to take account of the degree of shadings which are readily apparent in the ‘woken’ of this ‘human’ society of ours.

Enter the new paradigm (bear with me eh xx)
The Frankenstein Paradigm

Let us assume that:
The Elite are the Doctor Frankensteins… the 1%,
The Frankenstein Monster itself is governments, corporations, etc.
Igor would equate to the media, police, or other state actors

then there are ‘WE’ the people…
My paradigm offers 4 classifications, more would cloud the issue too much I think, so..

Remember the story, the world was made up of, by majority, individuals who were too far removed from the scene of action to have any idea anything at all was happening anywhere else to where they happen to be…we can call them the BU’s which is short for Blissfully Unawares….

Now we come to the ‘Awake,’ portrayed in the story by the Crowd of Villagers, of whom there are three (3) types:

The Main Mob, which are made up of those who both drifted and are dragged along by their proximity (to the remaining other two types) at the right time and place for the lighting of TORCHES …..we can refer to them as MM’s, these are fairly directionless and unfocused and can be easily distracted if they lag too far behind, even wandering off to do something completely different like  buy a bag of chips (who knows with them)…and in the worst case scenario they could simply slide back to BU status…

Then we have the TORCH BEARERS…yeah, you’re catching on here…the TB’s, these are the ones who are awake and in an educational role, they research and put out information at all levels, they range from the Assange Wikileaks and on and on through all who shed light in dark places to see what scuttles for the shadows,  these are the light shiners exposing the monster for what it is, so that the last type of ‘human’ in this story can coalesce and step in..

The PITCH FORK and CUDGEL  KEEPER’s,  or for short the T’PHACKers, almost always these people have extensive familiarity with the work of the TB’s and most started out as TB’s themselves, but their sheer anger has driven them to take the next step of actually attempting to bring justice to the world by ridding it of the monster they see by the light shone by the TB’s…these are the front line activists who organise the protests ,rallies, ‘actions’ etc.  They bring the light into the real world , the world the governments and corporations etc put a pretty face on for, the world that the BU’s inhabit without really focussing on…

The T’PHAKers  can also be identified by their habit, while on demos and protests and the like, of adding their name to causes for added impetus and weight.. cries of …T’PHACK with Austerity… and  …Fracking get T’PHAK… ring out to hold those responsible ( Dr F and FM’s) in fear and dread that the Igor’s might not this time stop the T’PHACKers getting through to them. The most mobile and committed to change by almost any means, they T’PHACKers are a force to be reckoned with…
The story mechanics should be relatively plain to see by now I think…

So what possible outcomes are there available in ANY given situation….

Sit 1)
Dr F, FM and Igor (no I’m not going to reduce his name to an I…everything gets to feeling far to personal if I do…that was I as in me not Igor k…I think….) do their work so well and quietly no one notices a thing except perhaps for one or two of the MM’s to half raise their heads….
Whatever FM was made is instituted quietly in society and no one notices any real change…this situation is the norm…

Sit 2)

Dr F, FM do equally as well as in the above but…Igor gets sloppy and drops a head on the way home to the lab…the MM’s are looking up in numbers now but as long as the head is brushed under the carpet quickly enough by something big happening, like a royal wedding for instance, most of the MM’s will go on about their daily grind without comment…however I did say ‘MOST’, some however SAW the head and are now talking about it!. They then become TB’s, TB’s shining lights is not a desirable thing for Dr F and his FM…the Igors know this and attempt a cover up…by buying the silence of the TB’s if they can, or by vilifying them unmercilessly so the MM’s believe them to be mad and unreliable even as MM’s, this can lead to one of two outcomes, 1) the TB’s become depressed and isolated , withdraws from the world and all in it, and effectively neutralises themselves thus reducing themselves to BU’s (though now they are ‘sensitised’ BU’s, and startle easily into renewed action as TB’s , they coud be termed as having ‘one eye open ‘ all the time), or, they become even more vociferous and shout loudly at anyone nearby which results in the MM’s assuring themselves with the help of the Igor’s that the TB’s were mad as tinfoil hatters(TFH’s) and only fit to be laughed at…this situation is becoming more the norm than the norm (see above) because the Igors are becoming increasingly bad at doing what they do…
There is a codicil…the MM’s have had some members ‘shaved’ off their ranks who now are listening to the TB’s and even helping the TB’s spread the light…they were close enough to the TB’s to see the  head perhaps, might even have caught it whilst taking a selfie, whatever, more are aware than before…

Sit 3)
Dr F has miscalculated and FM is producing unwanted phenomena which are having notable effects on the MM’s…Igors again cover up as best they can but it was too blatant a breach and the Local MM’s are listening to the TB’s whose complaints previously have been sounding so long that the MM’s recognise them at last through a sort of folk memory reflex, enough new TB’s have now been lit up for the clearer sighted TB’s(or maybe just the more logical) to see the FM very clearly and they morph into T’PHACKers. The strident mating calls of the T’PHACKers attract more MM’s from the BU’s…
Now we must look at critical mass…when a sufficient number of the BU’s become MM’s and a sufficient number of the  MM’s become TB’s and shine enough light for a sufficient increase in T’PHACKers to start  raising the ‘Hue and Cry’ is when the  T’PHACKer’s  suck in any ‘drifters’ from the surrounding BU’s  areas  and IF enough torches are being lit quickly enough and enough T@PHACKers are yeling “T’PHACK! Together… a Critical Mass begins to form and once formed then rolls out to deal with the situation caused by Dr F, his FM and the Igors…
Often in under lit situations the TB’s get disheartened and fall away and Dr F and his team win again largely by default.
It is only occasionally that sufficient LIGHT is carried and shone that the T’PHACKers finally reach the given target. Where, if they gather and shout T’PHACK loudly and long enough the proverbial ‘walls of Jericho can and will come tumbling down…

Here’s to the TB’s and the T’PHACKers who have worked so hard for so long and in the case of the TB’s almost unnoticed. The T’PHACKers are the ones usually recognised as the ‘leading lights’ and ‘hero’s and heroines’ when a cause is won .
Someone else called them the ‘wayseers’ which is a good enough description for the TB’s but falls short slightly for the T’PHACKers who have the added duty of clearing the way through the undergrowth to get to the FM’s and subsequently it is hoped hold the Dr F’s to account.


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